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City Centre Collision ~ CSN is committed to ensure that every client feels confident in the quality of the repair and trusts that the safety of their vehicle is returned to manufacturer's standards. 

What you can expect from City Centre Collision CSN:
    Quality, Safe Repairs         Lifetime Warranty         Claims Assistance         Friendly Team         Modern Facility         Attention to Detail         Free Estimates         Certified Technicians         Excellence    

Established in 1991, City Centre Collision ~ CSN has grown to be the number one choice of collision repair facilities in North Bay. We have and will continue to invest in state of the art equipment to ensure that your vehicle is repaired to the original manufacturers specifications. We provide, and honour a national lifetime warranty on all collision repairs. We are a proud member of CSN (Collision Solutions Network). CSN is a national network of collision repair facilities who strive to deliver superior collision service while continuing to reflect the same core values of confidence, trust and integrity.

When you find yourself in a collision, several things race through your mind at once. Is everyone with you okay? Are the people in the other car fine as well? How bad is the damage to my vehicle? What do I do now? It is a truly terrifying experience. In intense situations such as these, your concern is for the wellbeing of your family and yourself. You have to be concerned with physician visits to ensure that there is no lasting damage that has gone undetected. With all these thoughts having to be addressed before you can even think about having your life returned to normal, the last thing you want to concern yourself with is the quality of the collision repair service you are going to have to find.

If you find yourself in need of collision repair in North Bay, don't just reach for the phone and call any auto body shop in North Bay. You deserve honesty and integrity from qualified technicians. You deserve to know going in the kind of expense to expect from your repairs. You deserve excellence and professionalism to ensure that your repairs are done to truly masterful standards. Don't make the mistake of going to someone else with a job that is this important. Don't settle for less than you deserve. Make sure that you call the North Bay auto body repair shop you can trust for your collision repairs.

We, at Centre City Collision, are proud to be members of Collision Solutions Network or CSN. Collision Solutions Network is Canada's largest network of collision repair facilities. As one of their 300 members locations across Canada, we are proud to share in their rating of 98% customer satisfaction. As CSN members, we are a part of a national network of collision repair facilities who strive to deliver superior collision service while upholding and reflecting the network's core values of confidence, trust, and integrity. These aren't just words for us. It is a commitment to treat every repair as if it is the most important of our career. This commitment is rewarded with every customer's relieved smile as they head home after having seen their repair and is strengthened with every new customer who has come in because they heard about the unmatched service we provide.

We have a long-standing reputation for excellence in North Bay collision repair. Since we began in 1991, our attention to details, courtesy, and professionalism have made us leaders in the field of auto collision repair. A business that has been in the field for twenty-five years does not manage to do so by offering shoddy or inferior craftsmanship. Our quality workmanship and collision assistance have allowed us the honour of being recognized as a Factory Authorized Auto Collision Repair Facility, making us a certified collision repair centre. We also ensure that our technicians use an authorized and detailed repair checklist with every repair that they perform. State of the art equipment and highly trained master technicians are here to ensure that your vehicle is repaired not just to our own high standards but to the original manufacturer's specifications.

We provide, and honour, a national lifetime warranty on all collision repairs. We have worked, trained, and invested in making sure that our collision repair technicians are masters of their trade and experts in the field of auto collision repair and refinishing.  Our auto body technicians can handle even the most difficult scratch and dent repair with ease. We also proudly offer the technology of paintless dent repair, a process that could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars when handling multiple minor dents.

Should the damage be too severe for our paintless dent repair, we have other options available to you as well.  Aside from your typical dent repair, we also offer auto body repair panels that can help drastically cut the cost of your vehicle body's dent repair. The quickest way to lose versatility is to become complacent with expertise. Don't make the mistake of thinking that this auto body shop only works with dent removal. We train to be masters in many fields and,  with the pace of advancements in polymers and technology, that means constant and consistent training. Our auto body mechanics are also trained experts when you are in need of auto body welding for those heavy collisions, as well as just taking care of any light auto body detailing you may need. We strive to not just be another auto body shop, but an auto body clinic capable of handling all your needs with a professional mastery of skill and unmatched integrity. 

Damage comes in all forms, though. Not every part of your vehicle is capable of denting or in need of paint. If you have found your auto glass damaged by either the weather or road damage, contact us for a full replacement estimate. Many auto body repair shops will replace the auto glass by placing adhesives on top of the old. Always wanting to maintain the highest standards in collision and auto repair, we do a full cutout of all old adhesives before replacing the glass. This method remains consistent with the technique used by the original manufacturer's standards for replacement. The methods that we use are not the only thing that set us apart from many others in the field of auto glass replacement. In our replacements, we also use high-quality North American glass that is tempered for greater strength and resistance to chipping and sand wear. The glass that we use is rated at the original equipment manufacturer's quality control standards in all of our replacements.

Above and beyond the quality of our craftsmanship and the integrity of our repairs falls our commitment to service. We have a complete and professional team of assessors who will photograph damage from your collision and work with your insurance provider to make the entire process as painless and hassle free for you. Analyzing and photographing the damage helps us to get a professional and accurate estimate on the cost of repair. Our efforts to streamline and simplify the assessing process helps to speed the time it takes to receive payment from your provider.

We are you ultimate stop when you need a collision repair facility, focussing on the consistency of every car scratch repair or auto repainting restoration that we take care of. Our collision repair quality checklist that we use on every car repaint or truck repaint ensures that you receive an expert repair or refinish every time. Our collision repair estimator will help give you full auto body quotes ahead of time. A collision repair cost is always easier to handle when you have received an auto body repair estimate from an auto body expert with a reputation for integrity.

As professional and versatile as we strive to be with all our repairs and restorations, not everyone wants everything to be handled by professionals. Sometimes you just want to get your own two hands a little bit dirty. If you are someone who is fortunate enough to have the skill to tinker with your own personal auto repair and detailing, we could not be happier to announce that we can help you in your endeavors as well. We strive to maintain a wide variety of parts and accessories for whatever your current endeavor. We have running boards and tonneau covers for your truck. For those of any mechanical aptitude, we also have Weathertech floor mats. These all weather floor mats stay flexible in even the coldest temperatures. Their deeply sculpted channels are perfect for trapping road salt, water, and mud. They even have a non-stick coating for easier clean-up. They are a perfect addition to your vehicle to protect your floors from wear, no matter the weather. No matter what project you are tackling, we have the parts you need. Our expert staff is highly knowledgeable in this field as well. If you can't find what you are looking for, just ask for assistance. We can help you find what you need.

If you are currently looking for collision repair in North Bay, ON, don't just search for "auto body shop near me" and settle for what pops up. With Centre City Collision, you have an ally in your search for quality collision repair. We work toward a commitment of service. We strive to ensure consistency and dependability. We have earned a reputation for quality and expertise in our field. To put it bluntly, we work for you. Our commitment is to make sure that you have the best experience with our service that you can have. Contact us to talk to a trained auto body repair technician and receive a collision repair quote. When it comes to an auto body repair cost, you don't want to take chances getting the second best. Call us today and be glad you did tomorrow.

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